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Buro Brada is a small consulting firm mainly operating in the foodindustry. With an extensive network both in the Netherlands, France and Italy, Buro Brada is able to give not only strategical advises, but can arrange as well direct contacts with the main players in the market 


With an office in Leeuwarden - The Netherlands and an office on Öland - Sweden, Buro Brada is a trading partner for Swedish companies looking to expand their business abroad.


After his study at Nijenrode Business University, Benno Brada (1965) has executed several positions in the meat-industry. 


Since 2004 his main focus is on interim management and turn-around management. Mainly in the foodindustry Benno Brada has a extensive experience and he has built out a network both in retail and in the processing industry. After a short course at Harvard Bussiness School in 2007, his activities has diversified even more.


Apart from being consultant, Benno Brada has written a few articles, is an active art-dealer and teaches classes negotiation for professionals.